Crisis Communication & Management


There are few guarantees in business today. One of the unfortunate side effects of a successful business is that inevitably a crisis may occur that potentially will have a major impact on your business and your organization’s reputation. When your organization finds itself in the midst of a crisis, the ripple effects can disrupt lives and businesses for the foreseeable future if your customers [both internal and external] and the public at large have a negative opinion of your organizational administration. Therefore it is vital that you need to develop a unique and suitable form of crisis communication so that you can shape the opinion of the public and your stakeholders. Your ability to skilfully manage the perception of the crisis determines the difference between your organization’s demise and future sustainability. The truth being that in the pitched battle between perception and reality, the perception people have is the one that prevails ultimately.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and manage the relationship between public perception and reality
  • Develop the fine art of communicating
  • Identify hazards and risk
  • Protect their brand and reputation
  • Make wise, vigilant and defensible decisions under extreme crisis-induced stress