International Immersion Programs (IIP)

Study in Singapore! One of the best interactive ways to experience training is through the International Immersion Program in Singapore.
The International Immersion Program (IIP) not only caters for students alone but also adult learners and corporate leaders.

Singapore ranks high on its national social policies, leading Asia, notably on key measures of education, healthcare, life expectancy, quality of life, personal safety, housing. Singaporeans are mostly bilingual, with English as their common language and a second mother-tongue language. Its cultural diversity is reflected in its extensive “hawker” cuisine and major ethnic festivals—Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western—which are all national holidays. In 2015, Lonely Planet and The New York Times listed Singapore as their top and 6th best world destination to visit respectively. (
The programs may be customized based on duration and topic delivery.
Program Duration Range: 1 Day – 4 Weeks


  • English Language
  • Educator's Training
  • Leadership
  • Corporate Governance
  • Service Quality
  • And many more….

The programs are coupled with enjoyable yet educational site visits for both leisure and knowledge experience. Our clients are always valued while Training Lab International provides full administrative and logistic support.

International Immersion Programs (IIP) - Train-Lab