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Designed with proven and tested methods from industrial best practices, our Management Development Courses are highly interactive packed with success formulas to empower diverse audience. Topics may be fully customized to meet specific expectations and be delivered as seminars, focus sessions or lunch time talks.

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Advanced Communication Skills Insights to Body Language & Behavioural Profiling dwells into the paradigm of behavioural patterns and observational profiling techniques. As we communicate on a daily basis, pervasive patterns of body language and linguistic patterns are inevitable. This highly energized workshop delivers the knowledge needed to analysis emotional traits, verbal & non-verbal ques in practice while equipping with the fundamental techniques to spot, diffuse and apply practical strategies for positive impact. Learn More
Advanced Communication Skills Communication is a skill that gives people to share their perspectives. This program helps people to recognize that communication is inevitable in our daily lives, and that it can be essential to understand techniques for improved communication. These time-saving techniques enable the participants to develop skills and techniques for managing communication effectively, and to achieve positive outcomes. Go beyond the theory of communication, with fun filled practical activities and role-plays that can build skills and confidence. Learn More
Facilitation Skills Facilitators are anyone in an organization who are asked to help People to make decisions and achieve results in meetings, teambuilding sessions, problem-solving groups and training events. Facilitators have to be able to cope with uncertainty, knowing that things may not turn out as predicted or hoped for. They must be able to use the power of their credibility to help people address issues, be calm in times of emotion when others are stressed and confused. Learn More
Strategic Negotiation Skills Strategic Negotiation Practice presents concepts that can be applied in scenarios that call for a “win-win” situation. This course will equip audience to understand concepts and theories while applying proven strategies, where both involved parties will leave a bargaining situation with what they need. They will be able to negotiate in simple or complex situations, address the real issues, and resolve differences by understanding the fundamentals of human behaviour and how to approach various negotiation scenarios and ‘dead lock’ situations with confidence and get the results expected. Learn More
 Presenting with Confidence Although the advances of technology have both complicated and simplified the task of the presentation, you must still remember that great speakers are “made, not born.” Learning to be a better speaker is similar to learning any activity. Before becoming comfortable as a speaker you need to learn the skills and then actively seek to keep practicing those skills. Even though it may be intimidating and frustrating at first, the more experience you gain, the more proficient and professional you will become. This course provides the tips and tools you will need to deliver clear, confident, and effective presentations to any size group. Learn More
 Psychological Leadership The key to being a truly effective, lies in exploring and mastering your true potential. This workshop, not just gives you the key principles, but is full of power tips to help you handle real-life situations and develop the first-class skills that you need to become a dynamic and inspirational leader and practical role plays, activities which can help you feel like an expert and lead with confidence. It will help trigger enthusiasm and spark the true potential in yourself Learn More
Time Management To take control and to master the use of time, is what this course will help you to do. Time management benefits from analysis and planning. But the main ingredient is you, and your commitment to the effort of changing old habits. Not only understanding the principles of time management, you must also learn how you use time and to overcome the problems you encounter in using it wisely. Time management is a cognitive process that must fit your style and circumstances. Learn More
Conflict Management Conflict Management is a skill that gives your people the knowledge and techniques to address conflict, with practical strategies, tips and advice.These time-saving techniques enable the participants to develop skills and techniques for managing conflict effectively, and to achieve positive outcomes, rather than to prevent all conflict. Go beyond the theory of dealing with conflict, with practical activities and role-plays that can build skills and confidence. Learn More
 Managing Change Effectively Change is constant while organizational change may seem difficult but not impossible. Employees along with employers must understand motivation, context, receptivity, sequencing, and pace. They must communicate effectively and pull the right levers at the right moment in a dynamic situation. Important parts of managing change, are mindsets, perspectives and motivating people at all levels of an organization. Learn More
Strategic Thinking & Planning This is a practical short course on how to structure an effective strategic planning process. It describes the importance of setting a strategic intent, how to use teams to perform a strategic analysis of the company’s current situation, and how to evaluate and select strategic options at corporate, business, international and alliances. It covers how to think strategically within both large organisations and small ventures, how to apply the strategic consulting companies’ techniques, and how entrepreneurs launch and grow successful ventures. Learn More
Crisis Communication & Management There are few guarantees in business today. One of the unfortunate side effects of a successful business is that inevitably a crisis may occur that potentially will have a major impact on your business and your organization’s reputation. When your organization finds itself in the midst of a crisis, the ripple effects can disrupt lives and businesses for the foreseeable future if your customers [both internal and external] and the public at large have a negative opinion of your organizational administration. Therefore it is vital that you need to develop a unique and suitable form of crisis communication so that you can shape the opinion of the public and your stakeholders. Your ability to skilfully manage the perception of the crisis determines the difference between your organization’s demise and future sustainability. The truth being that in the pitched battle between perception and reality, the perception people have is the one that prevails ultimately. Learn More
Competency Based Interview Competency Based Interviewing is a style of interviewing that was developed in the 1970's by industrial psychologists. This style explores behavioural interviewing asserts that "the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation." Currently, most organizations are using competency based interviewing to some degree. Unlike traditional interviews, Competency interviewing emphasizes past performance and behaviours. As a consequence, candidates unprepared for the rigor. This course will equip anyone in the practice of recruitment with the right skills to select the best candidate. Learn More
Leading through Persuasion No matter what title or position you hold in your current organization, your success hinges upon your ability to persuade powerfully and "sell" effectively. It is no longer enough that you are creative, have profound expertise in the subject matter or are an eloquent talker. On top of that, you need to be good at reconstructing, and projecting your intents in a way which energizes, entices and inspires your team and your customers to share your beliefs and want to take action. Learn More
Enhancing Teams How do you get from merely good to outstanding results? Working in teams has long been considered one of the most effective ways to boostproductivity in the workplace. A great team is more than just a group of people working together every day. A highly functional team has members who pool their unique knowledge and talents to solve problems, make decisions, and work toward a common goal. Team building shows you how to become a team leader through a little planning and effort. Building a team starts with understanding each person’s personal motivation and combing that with the training and resources needs to help each person contribute fully to the team’s success Learn More
Heart @ Work This workshop looks into the fundamental elements of working. As people go through their daily work processes it becomes motion. To excel in a career, we need to inject humour, take initiatives, have passion while balancing it with realistic goals. Learn why and more importantly how successful companies and individuals achieve success with practical tips and strategies designed for the evolving work force. Learn More